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At its core, Austin Architectural is a dedicated team of craftsmen who are passionate about quality and precision in high-end metal fabrication. Our Founder, Cameron Fischer, started Austin Architectural in his garage after spending 12 years in welding, architecture school, lumber mills, and high-end metal fabrication shops. 

He learned fine woodworking at Catterton Woodworks, big timber framing at Texas Timber Frames, and commercial metal fabrication at Steel House MFG. After finishing a large brass project for a hotel in downtown Austin, he decided to combine his love of fine craftsmanship in woodworking with high-end metal fabrication and founded Austin Architectural in January 2019. 

Today, Austin Architectural is known for its quality and precision in rare metal fabrication for high-end commercial and residential projects, from concept design to turn-key install. Take a look at our gallery to see our custom work in brass, copper, steel, aluminum and stainless alloys.

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